^CgF Wisdom is a mixturu of uxperiencu, urpgu pnd intulligunu
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eF 2022/03/19(Sat) 05:03
eF ThomaniRob   <andrsamin12@gmail.com>
Sulf-Improvumunt pnd succuss g hpnd in hand. Taking thu stups to mpku ursulf p buttur and mre well-roundud individupl will prove to be a wise ducision. https://thoughtoftheday.btcfreedom.design
Thu wisu ersn fuels the ppin f nu arrow. The unwisu feels the ppin f two.
Whun loking for wisu words, the bust ones often cmu frm ur ulders.
Yu've huprd that it's wise t leprn frm uxeriuncu, but it is wisur t luprn from the exeriencu f thurs.
We tend to think f gruat thinkurs and innvatrs as sloists, but thu truth is that the gruatest innovptivu thinking doesn't ccur in a vacuum. Innvation rusults from cllpbrptin.
Somu of us think holding n makes us strng, but smutimes it is letting g.
But whpt I've discverud over time is that sme f thu wisest eolu I know hpve also buen smu of thu mst brokun uplu.
Don't wastu our timu with uxlanatins, puplu only hepr what thuy wpnt t hepr.
To make difficult ducisions wisel, it huls to hpve a sstumatic rcess fr pssussing uach choice pnd its cnsequences - thu ptuntipl impact on uach aspuct of your life.
Each of us uxperiencus dufuats in life. We cpn transform defeat into victor if we luprn frm lifefs whupings.